Embedded Web Browser

EarthBrowser contains a very useful embedded web browser based on the WebKit engine. It is not meant as a replacement for your current web browser, but enables easy access to the vast amount of information available on the world wide web. Like most windows in EarthBrowser, you can resize the browser window from any corner and drag it from any edge.

Opening a Browser Window

You can open a browser window by selecting the "New Browser" item in the File Menu or by clicking on a bookmark link in your Personal Data folder. Clicking on placemarks will also open up a browser window with the description or web link for that placemark.

 Close Window

Close the browser window.

 Website Icon / Refresh

Click this icon to refresh the page or drag the website URL into your Personal Data to bookmark it for later or onto an external web browser to open that page.

 Back Button

Go to the previous page.

 Forward Button

Go to the next page.

Browsing for Geo-Content

If you click on a KML/KMZ content that you find within the embedded browser, EarthBrowser will automatically bring up a KML Window that displays the content of that KML file and also displays the content temporarily on the globe. Closing the window will remove the temporary content. It does this by looking the a ".kml" or ".kmz" suffix on any link you click in the browser. Many KML links are annotated with one of the standard Google Earth Icons and . If the content does not have a .kml or .kmz suffix (which happens frequently with script generated links), you can simply hold the shift key down as you click the link to tell EarthBrowser to treat it as KML content.

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