Satellites Control

The satellites panel will allow you to search for and view any of over 10,000 satellites and pieces of debris that are orbiting the earth at any given time. There are two sections to the satellite panel, one that controls your list of satellites and another that allows you to search the catalog of over 10,000 orbiting objects. The orbits of the satellites cover a period of 3 hours, they will not be shown if you move the current time more than that.

You can turn on and off each satellite individually with the checkbox next to it's name or you can toggle them all on or off with the checkbox in the tab at the top of the list. To remove a satellite from your list, click the red "X" button and confirm that you want to delete it. To zoom in on the current location, just click on the magnifying glass button and it will center and lock the display on to that satellite.

Satellite Search

To find a satellite open the satellite panel in the main list control window. Then type the name of the spacecraft, the National Space Science Data Center master catalog id, or some other text that will narrow down the search for the space object.

Once you have found a satellite that you want to track, click the green "+" button and it will be added to your list of satellites you are tracking. Found satellites are off by default, you can see where they are located by turning on the checkbox and clicking the magnifying glass button to zoom to it's current location.

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