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File Menu

New Placemark…

Create a new placemark at the current camera center and add it to your Personal Data. A Placemark Window will open and allow you to edit your placemark settings. The placemark icon will have a bright green glow around it which indicates that it can be dragged to your desired location.

New Folder…

Create a new folder in your Personal Data and open a Placemark Window to set its name and description.

New Browser…

Open a new blank embedded web browser window.


Open a local KML or KMZ file in a KML window and display the contents on the earth. This can also be accomplished by dragging a KML/KMZ file onto the EarthBrowser window.

Close Window

Close the topmost window. This includes the City Window, Browser Windows and KML Windows, but not the main Control Window or any inactive reduced windows.

Screen Capture…

Save a snapshot of the current EarthBrowser window. You can save as either a JPEG or PNG file by setting the file extension to ".jpg" or ".png".

Set Language

Set the language for the EarthBrowser interface.

Optimize Database…

This will delete data stored in the internal cache that has not been accessed in the past week to reduce the size of the database. Your Personal Data will not be affected.

Empty Cache…

This will delete all data stored in the internal cache. Your Personal Data will not be affected.

Edit Menu

Undo/Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste and Select All

These commands operate like they do in other applications.

Edit Placemark…

Open a Placemark Window for the currently selected placemark in your Personal Data.

Delete Placemark(s)

Delete the currently selected placemarks.

Find Locations…

Open the Find Window which will allow you to search for a city in the internal database. EarthBrowser will display the names of all cities in its database that contain the your search parameters.

Map Window

Opens the Map Window. The Map Window shows a flat map from the Google Maps site synchronized with the EarthBrowser globe.

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