The Control Window

The control window is the primary means for controlling the display of the earth. It is a very flexible and powerful tool to enable you to access and set viewing options for the built-in EarthBrowser datasets as well as your own datasets. There are two styles that the Control Window can be toggled between; the Full List Control which gives access to most functionality and the Simplified Grid control which is smaller and easier to use.

Simplified Grid Control View

Time Control

At the bottom of the control window you will see a ruler that shows the current time range that is viewable for the currently selected datasets. This time is always centered around the current clock time, however you can set how far into the past and how far into the future to display by dragging the start/end animation time sliders. You can set the exact time with the yellow globe time arrow along the time ruler. Click the red clock time arrow to synchronize the globe time to the clock time. To start or stop the animation of time based data, just push the Play/Pause button on the right hand side of the ruler. You can control the speed of the animation by dragging the animation speed slider under the pause button while it is animating until it is the desired speed.

Elevation Zoom

You can control the camera elevation easily with the zoom slider on the left hand side of the controls window. Using the wheel on your mouse button is perhaps the easiest and most intuitive way to zoom however. Dragging the wheel forward will zoom you in and backward will zoom out. Double-clicking on the earth will zoom in and also center your camera on the location you clicked. Holding down the Shift key on your keyboard and double-clicking will zoom the camera out and center it on the clicked location.

Dataset Items

Each Dataset or Placemark item can have its settings controlled with a dataset item. The visibility checkbox is used to set the visibility of a dataset. A time range selector icon will show up to the left of a dataset if it contains items that have time information included. Turning on the time range for a dataset will add that range to the main timeline visible in the time control at the top of the window. If a dataset contains sub-items, they can be revealed or hidden by clicking on the reveal arrow next to the visibility checkbox.

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