Weather Window

The city window displays current weather conditions for a particular city, with links to in-depth information from Wikipedia about that city, state or country. To display the city window, simply move your mouse over the globe until the name of the location you are interested pops up and click on it.

The EarthBrowser desktop application has a database of the 25,000 most populated cities from the service. Weather conditions and forecasts from are mapped to each location from the nearest station.

City window for Reykjavik, Iceland

City, State and Country Names

The name of the selected city, its state or province and country is displayed at the top of the window. Click on any one of these names or the flag icon to go to a Wikipedia entry on that location.

Weather Zoom Slider

The zoom slider on the right side of the city window enables you to customize the weather icon dataset. You can add a city and set the camera elevation at which the weather icon appears by clicking the button with a "+" or "o" label. If the current city is not in your list of cities to track, the "+" button will add it, the "o" button will let you set the zoom level. Once you click that button, the button will change to an "x" and your camera will center on the current city. To set the zoom, move the camera in or out to the desired level for the weather icon to appear and click the "x" button or just drag the earth off of that city. You can remove the city from the dataset by clicking on the "-" button. You can zoom in using the slider in the city window, the controls window or just using the mouse wheel.

Current Conditions and 7 Day Forecast

The current weather, temperature and various other conditions are displayed above the 7 day weather forecast.

 Wind Speed and Direction

Units: Miles per Hour (mph) or Kilometers per Hour (kmph)

 Atmospheric Pressure

Units: Inches of mercury (inHg) and Millibars (hPA Hectopascals)


Units: % Percentage


Units: Miles and Kilometers


Sunrise time in that city's local time-zone


Sunset time in that city's local time-zone